A Book About Cryptovirology

"Tomorrow's hackers may ransack the cryptographer's toolkit for their own nefarious needs. From this chilling perspective, the authors make a solid scientific contribution, and tell a good story too." -- Matt Franklin, UC Davis

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Table of Contents
Foreword by Gus Simmons
Chapter 1. Through Hacker's Eyes
Chapter 2. Cryptovirology
Chapter 3. Tools for Security and Insecurity
Chapter 4. The Two Faces of Anonymity
Chapter 5. Cryptocounters
Chapter 6. Computationally Secure Information Stealing
Chapter 7. Non-Zero Sum Games and Survivable Malware
Chapter 8. Coping with Malicious Software
Chapter 9. The Nature of Trojan Horses
Chapter 10. Subliminal Channels
Chapter 11. SETUP Attack on Factoring Based Key Generation
Chapter 12. SETUP Attacks on Discrete-Log Cryptosystems
Appendix A: Computer Virus Basics
Appendix B: Notation and Other Background Information
Appendix C: Public Key Cryptography in a Nutshell